Monday, February 22, 2010

One Circle Family

Peace to the human family of the planet earth. The Circle is here. Rome Supreme ~ Glo-Ryte ~ Just God aka. King J~ Divine S. Nelson ~ Sun Born~ The SkySkrapers ( RomeSupreme & Glo-Ryte). Shot outs and Peace to Phil a.ka. P90, E.J. and the rest of the Gs. LET'S GET IT


Life is all about SUCCESS. If you're not a SUCCESS you're a failure. Make a choice...
I find it funny that all my thoughts are dominated by the idea and reality of success. It makes me wonder what my thought process will be like when I am excessively successful. But some things don't exist in excess. My conversations are all about elevation self improvement and getting more money. It's funny how I feel anything less than extrordinary is not normal. Get up Get out and get everything. Peace ~Posted by Just God follow @ ~