Saturday, December 25, 2010


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I was sitting here meditating on what will be the perfect blog for this site and it users, and it struck me. The light went off in my head and a voice said “god, create something useful.”
So here we are at the edge of what was a great revolution, all things considered, and the brink of a new Gregorian year. Two thousand and ten years have been marked on the Christian calendar (and some 78 trillion years in actual existence), we as Supreme beings have made much progress on this third rock from the Sun, but some of us are still a little behind on the times. Therefore I take it as my duty to bring everyone up to speed in this age of information, and make sure you’re hip to the things you need to be hip to “ya dig?!” (Juelz Santana voice). For the sake of suspension because we all know how one loves countdowns, here’s another one to add a wrinkle to your frontal lobe. 5 Things We All Need To Use In 2011:
#5 Social media: I can imagine what you must be thinking right now “what does this guy think we’re stupid?! Of course we’re on facebook, twitter, etc.” But this little helping hand I’m giving you is not to insult your intelligence but to reassure that you are on point. I’m sure that almost everyone you know is on facebook and a fraction are trying to figure out how to get followers on twitter (@originalkingJ) but I mean really use it to your advantage e.g. when I meet a lady in the club I get the number ‘yatayatayata’ when we speak I casually ask her name on fb, that way I can see who she really is.
#4 YouTube: great source for all types of information and entertainment from local rap beefs hashed out via web cam to how to build a business online. Virtually anything you need to learn is taught on YouTube.
#3 iPod: Usually I’m not one to promote product lines that I don’t have a marketing contract with, but I must show respect to Apple with the iPod touch. I call it my iPDA. Very useful life saver whenever you do not want to be bothered step into the world of music with this device; long lines, lame churches, awkward family, the iPod saves.
#2 Smartphone’s: look readers, technology haven’t taken any backward steps when it comes to the mobile device. Learn your phone; many of them have the capabilities of the last three must uses.
#1 (drumroll please..) Intelligence: its 2011, this is the age of information. Intelligence is the ability to process information. If there is nothing else on this countdown that you use, make use of this, it is vital. I am starting a new movement on my blog ( called iRead. Until next time, Stay in tune, Peace.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Nutritional food for THOUGHT!!!

Mr. Talib Kweli displays a beautiful plunge into the depths of Hmmm???? A Stimulating and Strong Angle of one's Truth.