Monday, September 6, 2010

Righteous Selfishness: Kill Your Idols Part II

I think I'm Big Meech?! (sarcastic connotation) Larry Hoover?! hmmmh??? (critical thinking)...All right Intellects let me get the purpose to this here build. I have a charm on my necklace that is a Jade carving of Buddha. Most fools assume I'm Buddhist and the intelligent are inquisitive. So a woman today asked me about my charm and I gave her a brief history on the man best known as Buddha. "Buddha, whose name was actually Siddhartha, was a prince that had all the pleasantries life had to offer. Being that he was of royal blood his family kept him sheltered as means of keeping him safe. One day while Siddhartha was touring his kingdom he witnessed a man die, and suddenly his eyes were open to the fact that the life he was living was not actual reality. It was more of a fantasy. so Siddhartha took it upon himself to abandon the life of royalty and go on a journey, in search of the meaning of life. He studies under monks and ascetics (do the knowledge) in his search for the truth. Eventually he gets to the point of asceticism where he only eats one grain of rice a day and while he's on this he meditates under a Bodhi tree (hence the name Buddha) and realizes that all he was searching for was within. He finally discovered his own truth and recognized that he could carry this truth throughout all walks of life without being a noblemen or stoic. Siddhartha became his own guide and went down in history as Buddha."
I often think about the type of life that I want to live and the lifestyle I care to have as well as the way I want to go down in history. And I realize that there is no one that can show me how to be me. I have to value my point of view because it applies directly to me. People always have advice and it is wise to heed to advice, but when you contemplate your lifestyle which encompasses everything you do, no one can guide you along that road. There's no one to tell President Obama how to be the first Black president. There was no one to tell Siddhartha how to truly live a divine life in which he was free to enjoy his desires as well as his sanctity. Really who could show Demetrius Flenory how to be Big Meech. He had to look to himself to make the decision he made to be the man he is. Rappers talking bout they think they Big Meech...I think I'm King J, the Original, and can't no one show me how to be me...And You either. This little piece of advice was Free. Peace