Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is Kanye a Genius.??

 When I become my Momma Boyfriend Yall peep the symbolism in yeezy new chain. What you know about the Eye Of Horus. But Wait theres More. After Ye Invades Facebook he hit up Twitter. This is great promotion for Ye's new album. Ballsy move, the new Album was supposed to be titled Good A$$ Job but, it doesnt have a name now. Twitter came through with the Mic I like how Dude came with the Suit to the Headquarters.   promise me and Divine drew a picture of this same thing about 7 years ago before we even knew about Horus. The drawing made us do the knowledge.I guess great minds think alike. Peace. Supreme

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just Win!!!!

Certain people in this world have this funny little attribute about them that may seem abnormal to most. We don't like to be behind. "Three is not a winner and two nobody remembers". I refuse to lose. People that lose are losers; and people that win are champions. Here is a true champion of industry giving his insight on Success. To be successful you must be determined and persistent. Preparation makes the champion great. We build ourselves up for greatness. Enjoy champs...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Reflections down Memory Lane from the unique perspective of Wali Youngblood

I came across an episode of the Lance Shabazz show on youtbue. Lance Shabazz is a muslim brother, who strongly builds, on the teachings of the Honerable Elijah Muhhamed, plus other ideas that he chooses through his show.

Being open minded, I took interest in the show and felt that his guest, Wali Youngblood or better known as Wali Muhammad was also an intriguing character. This Asiatic Blackman knows himself and is extremely magnetic. The O.G. is smooth, knowledgable, wise, and a wealth of knowledge and understanding. Also he has some unique views, has been apart of contreversy with magnetic and influential individuals as well as being respected by the same type of people. In this video, he speaks about Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, the Father a.k.a Clarence 13x, Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali.

O yea a little more knowledge before you check out the video. Wali Muhhamed was the trainer for Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson and also perormed security for the NOI. Enjoy his insight.
Also a little treat before the beginning of the interview airs, Muhammad Ali drops a lil knowledge for you too. He defenitely had a way or words, just like those hands of his.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Thank God for being Fly

Happiness is truly achieved when one is grateful for all this world has to offer. Today is the day that I was born into this physical shell, and on born days its only right to examine your past, present, and future. I was fortunate to have my born day fall on a day when the earths water was distilling in my atmosphere. Whenever it rains I get reflective, I become introspective because I examine myself inside and out and chart the progress that I have been fortunate enough to make. Today it was easy to take a close look at myself because I reached a milestone in my present history or Koran, and it was raining, which makes me introspective. So I was sitting here on my born day contemplating life and my role in it and I realized that I was gazing at my sneakers. All of a sudden a light went off in my head and I recognized how fortunate I was to be the one that I am. First of all I was rocking a pair of cold Adidas high tops, that are burnt orange; with the perfect denims to match (Taverniti So Jeans) and my usual premium cotton Tee. And I was overcome with a feeling of appreciation at how I developed my lifestyle the way I want it to be. Now to the naked eye it may seem vain to base one's appreciation off a cold pair of Adidas, but if you look a little deeper you will see that the appreciation wasn't for the sneaks. It was for the owner of the sneaks having a mind to grind well enough to have the things I want. I remember birthdays where I didn't have much, and I really didn't have nothing I wanted now to have this one where I do it makes my feel great. It's clear evidence that you get what you work for. So I'm grateful...
I'm grateful for the fact that I have the mind to be able to put all things in perspective. I'm grateful for the sun drawing the water up into the earth's rotation in a fine mist that can hardly be detected and that mist distilling back on our planet in the form of water on my born day so I can have the privilege of focusing on myself and my progress. I am grateful for the fact that I have people around that want to share my time on my born day even when I plan on being by myself. I'm grateful for the fact that every single time I look down at my outfit I'm fly as I wanna be. I'm grateful for the custom made triple gold bracelet that ordains my wrist. I'm grateful for the vintage Versace glasses that frame my face. I am very grateful therefore I'm very happy. Peace
P.S. Happy Born Day to Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Professor Jones!

Jim Jones teaching Part 2. Teaching the babies. Letting them share in real knowledge and wisdom of the industry that seems to be the most attractive to our youth. He gotta lot of game and he's helping the babies get an understanding of show business. Check it out... P.S. and to think, it's not even court ordered civil service. Clap for 'em!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kill Your Idols....

"Wisdom cries out in all places." That is a quote by a great man in the annals of history by the name of King Solomon...One day as I was on my usual smart shopping sprees, I came across this Blac label sweater with a very wise saying on it. Usually I don't get down with Blac Label because most of the messages on their clothing is bull to me; it's usually very fatalistic. So I recognize the power of the written word and I typically don't rock the Blac Label brand, but this one sweater in particular caught my eye because the message was so powerful. I t had the ring of truth. So naturally I am a thinking man so I had to contemplate this phrase "Kill Your Idols". Huh?! What is the meaning to this expression. Well, I think I got it. I means that there is no reason to idolize someone other than yourself. I love king Solomon, I know he was a very wise man, but do I idolize him? Emphatically No. What good would it do to me to worship another man or feel as if another individual is greater than me. Merriam-Webster defines an idol as an object of extreme devotion. What should I devote myself and energy to other than my own goals and determined ideas? what good wold it do for Kobe to sit around thinking Jordan was the greatest. Why would Mike Tyson spend time idolizing Ali? Why should Chris Brown concern himself with he great legacy of Micheal Jackson? There s a clear difference between respect and idolization.
So what's the point of this build? To let the world no that King J has no idols? No. The purpose is to encourage all to be the one. I don't care if you looking up to Superman or Samson. Embrace the fact that you are equipped with the same essential makeup that made them great You got to be the one worthy of the utmost respect. You gotta be the object of inspiration. You must be the role model that you can see yourself looking up to. Just a little piece of advice. Be yourself. Embrace yourself and don't be afraid to show the world your highest self. Look at your idols as your equals and you will no longer have idols. So feel Free to turn this all the way up and appreciate yourself. Peace

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A display of GREAT SHOW BIZNESS by R&b Giants, R.KELLY & USHER

This Song, "Same Girl" by the King of R&b R.Kelly with Usher featuring from the beginning was a phenomenal concept. After taking a look at the video again, i must say the concept comes to life even more, with two giants, in the game, demonstrating a polish-ness and saviness, that is un-matched, still in today's R&b game. Plus since moving to Atlanta, this video, is even more enjoyable to watch. If you enjoy quality video directing and plot, this video hits the mark. Yes it's not a new video, but the video bring entertainment, a story- line, and has a even better ending. Check it out again.

R. Kelly Featuring Usher " Same Girl"