Friday, July 16, 2010

Reflections down Memory Lane from the unique perspective of Wali Youngblood

I came across an episode of the Lance Shabazz show on youtbue. Lance Shabazz is a muslim brother, who strongly builds, on the teachings of the Honerable Elijah Muhhamed, plus other ideas that he chooses through his show.

Being open minded, I took interest in the show and felt that his guest, Wali Youngblood or better known as Wali Muhammad was also an intriguing character. This Asiatic Blackman knows himself and is extremely magnetic. The O.G. is smooth, knowledgable, wise, and a wealth of knowledge and understanding. Also he has some unique views, has been apart of contreversy with magnetic and influential individuals as well as being respected by the same type of people. In this video, he speaks about Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, the Father a.k.a Clarence 13x, Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali.

O yea a little more knowledge before you check out the video. Wali Muhhamed was the trainer for Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson and also perormed security for the NOI. Enjoy his insight.
Also a little treat before the beginning of the interview airs, Muhammad Ali drops a lil knowledge for you too. He defenitely had a way or words, just like those hands of his.

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