Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kill Your Idols....

"Wisdom cries out in all places." That is a quote by a great man in the annals of history by the name of King Solomon...One day as I was on my usual smart shopping sprees, I came across this Blac label sweater with a very wise saying on it. Usually I don't get down with Blac Label because most of the messages on their clothing is bull to me; it's usually very fatalistic. So I recognize the power of the written word and I typically don't rock the Blac Label brand, but this one sweater in particular caught my eye because the message was so powerful. I t had the ring of truth. So naturally I am a thinking man so I had to contemplate this phrase "Kill Your Idols". Huh?! What is the meaning to this expression. Well, I think I got it. I means that there is no reason to idolize someone other than yourself. I love king Solomon, I know he was a very wise man, but do I idolize him? Emphatically No. What good would it do to me to worship another man or feel as if another individual is greater than me. Merriam-Webster defines an idol as an object of extreme devotion. What should I devote myself and energy to other than my own goals and determined ideas? what good wold it do for Kobe to sit around thinking Jordan was the greatest. Why would Mike Tyson spend time idolizing Ali? Why should Chris Brown concern himself with he great legacy of Micheal Jackson? There s a clear difference between respect and idolization.
So what's the point of this build? To let the world no that King J has no idols? No. The purpose is to encourage all to be the one. I don't care if you looking up to Superman or Samson. Embrace the fact that you are equipped with the same essential makeup that made them great You got to be the one worthy of the utmost respect. You gotta be the object of inspiration. You must be the role model that you can see yourself looking up to. Just a little piece of advice. Be yourself. Embrace yourself and don't be afraid to show the world your highest self. Look at your idols as your equals and you will no longer have idols. So feel Free to turn this all the way up and appreciate yourself. Peace

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