Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is Kanye a Genius.??

 When I become my Momma Boyfriend Yall peep the symbolism in yeezy new chain. What you know about the Eye Of Horus. But Wait theres More. After Ye Invades Facebook he hit up Twitter. This is great promotion for Ye's new album. Ballsy move, the new Album was supposed to be titled Good A$$ Job but, it doesnt have a name now. Twitter came through with the Mic I like how Dude came with the Suit to the Headquarters.   promise me and Divine drew a picture of this same thing about 7 years ago before we even knew about Horus. The drawing made us do the knowledge.I guess great minds think alike. Peace. Supreme


  1. its funny seeing a GUY RAP SO HARD IN A SUIT.........He definitely a poet