Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hhhhmmmmmmmmmm (long sigh breathing heavy out of my nose)... WTF?! Sometimes I experience and witness so much f@#kery that I don't know where to begin but this week it is easy. Today's WTF moment is brought to you courtesy of these blunt h@*s in the club. There is a nightclub that I work at that will remain unnamed but I have met two totally unrelated females that have hit me with the same foolish question. So foolish is the question posed that I am writing this blog at 3:28 AM immediately after arriving from this club. What The F%#k is the question you ask, this question was posed soon after having interaction with two separate females on two separate occasion. In the middle of conversation these females found it necessary to ask the question " You Just trying to F%#K me, ain't you?!"...
How is one to respond. Dear reader think to yourself how would you reply the such an awry quandary? What is a man supposed to do?.. Well forget about what a man is to do and lets focus on what a lady is supposed to do, and that is DON'T ASK A DUMB ASS QUESTION LIKE THAT? I mean seduction is an art form ,there's a sequence and a pattern :). Allow me to perform my art. Of course I want to smash since you asked but what happened to the fine art of foreplay; and I don't mean going down on someone, I mean the down court dribble that leads to the score. Is that no longer a significant part of the play? I mean it's like someone trying to skip to the climax before the plot has thickened? I cant help but to wonder who raised these chicks..."You Just trying to [smash] me, ain't you?!" WTF..
I tell you, I tell you, no finesse, no style, no grace. If you didn't have the potential of getting the Smash then we wouldn't be having this conversation, perhaps we would be speaking but we wouldn't be having THIS conversation. But due to this 'lady' shrewdness the whole interaction is spoiled. My appetite is ruined. Only thing I can say is WTF?!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Wednesday is the day that I have chose to open up all my vents, I'm letting people have it on Wednesday's.I'm going in! All the ish that erks my nerves (my mother's old saying) I have put aside Wednesday to air it out.

Today in particular I want to kick off this series by posing the question Why the F#%k?! WTF can't I tell the difference between these ladies and these hoes?! Andre 300 said "styles will change/ they say change/ is dangerous"... he was on to something. As I walk this Earth searching every square inch of fruitful land I'm greeted by much folly. The styles of these females that I"m meeting; and I do call you females because it's actual fact that I don't know how to title you (i.e girls, ladies, women, bit$#hes, hoes). I meet a female and I don't know WTF I'm dealing with. I go to to the night club and I see more naked ass than in the strip club. Some the females I encounter are so adorable that a man would want to draw them up with his charm, but from the face down they look like hoes. Maybe I'm an old soul or maybe I'm Just the creative type that enjoy using my own imagination... but nothing is let up to the imagination. there are no layers to peel back, no prize to be earned. Everything is laid out there in the open at knowledge (1st impression), nothing is left to fantasize about. Call me a Renaissance man but I rather enjoy the courtship process, but this process is a noble one and not be bestowed amongst the lower class individual. So Why The F#%k am I tripping? What The F#%k should I care?! WTF is the point of this blog... Well I guess the point of it all is standards. We gotta have standards. It's a clear line between sexy and slutty. So maybe it's me, maybe I need to change my standards, maybe I shouldn't be so hard on the ladies. But I don't see many ladies anymore...WTF

Sunday, March 14, 2010


One circle productions.

The name alone says so much to me. One circle encompasses so many things. When I was a real young G I paid attention to the hustlers. I always wanted to know what it is that allows them to generate bundles of cash without breaking their back or hurting anyone. In my lifetime I have watched and imitated plenty. After a while I realized something. It's all about the circle,(cipher) or network of hustlers. You must make it circulate if you want it to multiply and it must circulate through the right network in order to be beneficial. This is true whether your product is legal or illegal. One circle productions is a multimedia productions company grounded on this very principle. The foundation for my vision came from seeing things my parents didn't want me to see and doing things my parents didn't want me to do. Many people that I care for have lost their lives or the oppurtunity to live their lives because they didn't have a vision. So I also learned you must have a vision in order to be successfull.

At some point I said to myself " I'm going figure out a way to outhustle these cats and stay free" Thats when the vision started forming. I knew I could take the best part from the immediate gratification route and apply it to my long term plans.

The best hustlers I saw made sure everyone that they cared for in their circumference was good. If he was getting money so was his brother, his bestfriend etc. See a smart man does as much as he can yet knows he can only do so much. Your power is limitless once your reach extends beyond the limits of your physical body.

One circle productions is about making sure your power extends beyond your physical body. One circle productions is about making sure your cipher is tight. One circle productions is about the absence of limitation. One circle productions is about long term paper. One circle productions is about building something our children can eat off. One circle productions is about not being dependent on these Just OVER BROKES. One circle productions is about determing your own outcomes and having a network of Generals that win when you win. One circle production is about combining education with entertainment. ( let me stop before I write a book on what ONE CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS/ 10gs is about) We plan to touch the world in so many ways and we will.

I would tell you how but instead We gone show you. The picture says it all in regards to the vision.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life Aint Nothin to Fool with...

I love music. And sometimes the perfect lyric dances in the stages of my thoughts... Today it was a line from legendary southern rapper Scarface. " was a homie that I went to school with/ TELLIN ME LIFE WASNT ISH TO FOOL WITH!". Why this Lyric you say? Let me invite you into my world a lil bit. this is what happened: my alarm went off at 7 o'clock this morning and I rolled out of bed at 8:30 arriving at work ant 9:04 (4 minutes late) I'm going to spare you the minor details but what transpired landed me back at my home at 9:35. I got sent home from work for being 4 mins late! (mind you I work on 100% commission and Saturday is the best day to sell cars). But what I realized is that in life you have to deal with so many obtuse angles and obnoxious personalities that it makes detachment necessary. Was it necessary for my manager to make an example out of me by sending me home?! who knows? the choice was his, but it is up to me to accept the responsibilities for my negligence.
So what.... So I can't always throw my middle fingers up and say forget it. I see part of growing up is dealing with the growing pains. Including the MILLIONS of pains in the neck that I must encounter while traveling on this road less traveled.I will be a millionaire some day so the chances are I have to be more and more carefree as time goes on. I'm just learning how I have to play it on my quest for success. And I refuse to play the fool. Peace

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Peace 2 tha Gs....(lightz his ^)..first blog ever.....Yea.. tha FIRST ...firsts never really were tha type of thing 2 throw me off my game, in fact they ignite somethin in me. yea, a fire that wont b extinguished untill that new situation is conquered. u kno? that oppurtunity 2 blend that instinct & a boxer stepping n tha ring with an unknown opponent, he is not only challenging his opponent but also himself 2 game of wit, technique & improvisation ( ...howeva u spell it,.. i jus love 2 b able 2 do that, and even when the situation is no longer new it still bringz excitement 2 b able 2 apply what u have acquired from previous or similar situations. With that said itz tha 1st, and u kno we move chronologically so itz more 2 come...10 Gs Stay Aware

Sunday, March 7, 2010

~Creativity~ Mine forever!!

As I sat on a park bench of a major international city my mind was focused on creativity. What seems to be lost, in a majority, is fundamental and essential to a fulfilled life. Without it we become stagnant, mentally stiff and robotic, while having the potential to lose the pizazz or enthusiasm for life. Therefore I WILL as the creator of my destiny to never lose my creativity.
As i experience more and my
responsibilities increase i have learned to slow down {When not rushing one can accomplish more, or i can at least with better quality}. One benefit of traveling at a different pace is the creativity that i have noticed around me. Graffiti {not promoting public property vandalism} , different style cars and hair, advertisements, a city's landscape, and youthful expression were all in my view. Remember i was sitting in a city park. By far the ladder, youthful expression, was the most eye catching.

~Again I WILL to always keep my creativity~

In Vienna, Austria as in other big cities a lot of the adolescents are into bright colored sneakers. I know some might not chose to wear the shoes these youth do, but remember to each its own and we're dealing with expression here.

Expression is the mouth of creativity and especially today shoes have become a major statement and tool for articulation of this. This is an area that the MJ shoe collection continues to dominate in. As i'm sure people buy "Js"/ Jordans because of who he is, I am also sure we and I also buy Jordans because of the creativity and expression of the line. I have to admit when i see a toddler or a 40 year old man in some "Js" the thought, " Yo, he's fly over there!" continues to come to mind. These kicks in the photo above period! I think are fresh, fly, hard, ill, nutso~ as some used to say in Detroit back in day, Lutha or as my New York city friend explained to me a while back, "wavy" ( a term i don't use, but just getting the point across to my readers). I think creativity is written, more than litteraly all over them. CHECK THEM OUT AGAIN!!!

While this post is not about shoes, i feel that shoes can be walking art and is a great example of keeping a "Fresh" mind and heart. So why not have some fly kicks to walk in. Plus, after our minds and brains, our foundational reference point for our bodies are our feet.
Peace and ALWAYS keep your ~~~ Creativity~~~.