Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life Aint Nothin to Fool with...

I love music. And sometimes the perfect lyric dances in the stages of my thoughts... Today it was a line from legendary southern rapper Scarface. " was a homie that I went to school with/ TELLIN ME LIFE WASNT ISH TO FOOL WITH!". Why this Lyric you say? Let me invite you into my world a lil bit. this is what happened: my alarm went off at 7 o'clock this morning and I rolled out of bed at 8:30 arriving at work ant 9:04 (4 minutes late) I'm going to spare you the minor details but what transpired landed me back at my home at 9:35. I got sent home from work for being 4 mins late! (mind you I work on 100% commission and Saturday is the best day to sell cars). But what I realized is that in life you have to deal with so many obtuse angles and obnoxious personalities that it makes detachment necessary. Was it necessary for my manager to make an example out of me by sending me home?! who knows? the choice was his, but it is up to me to accept the responsibilities for my negligence.
So what.... So I can't always throw my middle fingers up and say forget it. I see part of growing up is dealing with the growing pains. Including the MILLIONS of pains in the neck that I must encounter while traveling on this road less traveled.I will be a millionaire some day so the chances are I have to be more and more carefree as time goes on. I'm just learning how I have to play it on my quest for success. And I refuse to play the fool. Peace

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