Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hhhhmmmmmmmmmm (long sigh breathing heavy out of my nose)... WTF?! Sometimes I experience and witness so much f@#kery that I don't know where to begin but this week it is easy. Today's WTF moment is brought to you courtesy of these blunt h@*s in the club. There is a nightclub that I work at that will remain unnamed but I have met two totally unrelated females that have hit me with the same foolish question. So foolish is the question posed that I am writing this blog at 3:28 AM immediately after arriving from this club. What The F%#k is the question you ask, this question was posed soon after having interaction with two separate females on two separate occasion. In the middle of conversation these females found it necessary to ask the question " You Just trying to F%#K me, ain't you?!"...
How is one to respond. Dear reader think to yourself how would you reply the such an awry quandary? What is a man supposed to do?.. Well forget about what a man is to do and lets focus on what a lady is supposed to do, and that is DON'T ASK A DUMB ASS QUESTION LIKE THAT? I mean seduction is an art form ,there's a sequence and a pattern :). Allow me to perform my art. Of course I want to smash since you asked but what happened to the fine art of foreplay; and I don't mean going down on someone, I mean the down court dribble that leads to the score. Is that no longer a significant part of the play? I mean it's like someone trying to skip to the climax before the plot has thickened? I cant help but to wonder who raised these chicks..."You Just trying to [smash] me, ain't you?!" WTF..
I tell you, I tell you, no finesse, no style, no grace. If you didn't have the potential of getting the Smash then we wouldn't be having this conversation, perhaps we would be speaking but we wouldn't be having THIS conversation. But due to this 'lady' shrewdness the whole interaction is spoiled. My appetite is ruined. Only thing I can say is WTF?!

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