Sunday, April 4, 2010

You Hold the Key

The culture is I God... I walked out of my front door, removed my equipment in my truck from last night's grind, and got ready to grab my keys and go. Right on schedule to arrive at the Hindu Temple of Atlanta to the yoga workshop I volunteered for last week. But when I went to grab my keys they weren't where I last set them down (the same place I keep them everyday right by the door). Oh yeah! My mother came in town early this morning and used the truck to go to some sunrise Easter service and and obviously she came back with the truck but didn't put the keys back where she got them. So naturally, I searched high and low for the keys to no avail. So now I have a decision to make sit up home and wait for nothing to happen or get proactive like an original man should. So instead of losing time searching I decided to walk to where the misplacer of the keys was, which is approximately 2 miles from my home. Just so you get a feel for the scenario, it is 9:40 Am I am dressed to go to a yoga workshop at a temple and I have no key to the vehicle that's to get me there; the keys are about two miles from my house and I need to be at the temple by 10:40. should I walk? should I run? should I call a cab? Aha! I have a bicycle in the garage (thank God for remembering the bike). So I go to the garage to dust off the bike that I have been telling myself that I am going to use for the past two summers and of course there is no air in the tires. This is where my journey begins...
So I'm wearing a salmon colored premium cotton v neck, True Religion brand jeans and crocodile skin Alife moccasins(wallabees). And I am walking a bicycle down a very popular southside Atlanta street thinking this how this experience was soon to become a blog. Most wise people will tell you that a walk is one of the most therapeutic things in earth. So I'm walking my bike and and trying not to stain the v neck with sweat and as I am walking my mind is swimming with many thoughts on how I should digest this situation. Because I already had in mind that I was going to blog today since my family got together for their Christian holiday and my good excuse to eat good; and the topic of that blog was to be 'every body's gotta eat'. So I;m strolling and thinking of how I can funeral this series of unfortunate events into that topic. See I walked past one of the most elaborate estates that I have ever laid eyes on which is owned by a world class boxer that will remain unnamed. thinking to myself with all those amenities and luxuries what would he do in this situation? would he be out here walking? how many backup vehicles does he have to ensure that things like this never happen? And a light bulb went off and I realized that in life when you plan your destination you must also chart your course; otherwise you may arrive by obscure means. So that was today's epiphany number one. Next I recognize the modern man's reliance on things that are not so reliable. I had to mentally teleport myself to a time when the bicycle was first created and it was even more of a luxury than the automobile. I would have loved to be rolling instead of walking; within that little revelation I recognized that one must create and sustain the lifestyle they choose. I choose to be a person that doesn't have to walk. That world class boxing champion has had to do much more walking and running than I may ever do in my lifetime but he doesn't walk unless he chooses. So today's epiphany number two is to live freely; freedom is the ability to choose and without options one cannot choose. I choose freedom, and I choose luxury. Now I must chart out every step of the way so I don't arrive at that life of luxury going something I abhor instead get there on my own terms that's true success... So i get the air in the tire and now I have to pedal on a 1 1/2 stretch of local highway. Now how I appeared to the universe around me , I don't know, but I imagine that I must have looked rather religious riding a bike to church on easter sunday! (smh) anyways I 'm cruising and the ride is going smooth I 'am coasting down hill, nit breaking a sweat and my locks were blowing in the wind until...the chain breaks! So I coast it out as far as I can and come to another realization in life, there ain't no easy road. That's today's epiphany number three, there are always obstacles. As soon as I am beginning to feel the reality of being an original man and a modern day hood dweller (riding bikes is what we did in my hood), I get another sign to let me know that I was still on this journey. and one moment the road can be smooth the next second who knows what may happen? So I reassemble the chain pedal it on out to the church come in and my mother is Happy to see me thinking I willfully went to the church on some Easter type math, and I'm Just like "where the keys to the truck?" she like "how you get here?"... "THE KEYS ARE IN THE TRUCK!" "I meant to tell you before I left that the keys were in the ignition" That first sentence alone was enough for me to create a new txt talk acronym: AYS ( Are You Serious)!
So what? The keys were at the house the whole time. Was my journey in vain? Was it useless time? Well, one thing I learned was that when you set your goals not only should you focus on the destination, also focus on the journey (that's #4 :) All is Well I got a ride back home started the car and headed to the temple and all the while I never got upset. My cousin brung me home and I told her "had I not been a yogi, I would be very upset." I left the house and arrived at the workshop around 10:50 removed my moccasins and walked into the temple. Namaste

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