Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why start 2 miles back in a 3 mile race?

The world is huge yall. There are a plethora of options, ideas, chances, and avenues to take. It's a shame to limit oneself through the trapping vessels of a narrow mind, unhealthy selfishness, impatience and laziness to name a few. Often i shake my head internally at the limiting and closed minded thoughts and words i hear out of people's mouths. If someone called me right now and said, "wassup," I would say "the Sun, Moon, and Stars," or "elevation," just to say something different than wassup right back. Something original.

What's really on my mind is all of this useful land that is available to us and how not to deal with land that serves us no purpose, otherwise known as non- useful land. I gave a few options above pertaining non- useful land, e.g.; laziness to name one, but what really takes the cake in this category is a limited mind and/or self image. One is done from the jump. It's like showing up to hoop for a big game with out your shoes, or being deaf and trying to win a sprint when hearing the gun go off is essential. Now remember i'm talking about eliminating limiting thoughts so, sure you can succeed in both of these situations, but to keep it 100, you are starting off with a disadvantage. PERIOD. That's how i see a narrow or closed mind when attempting to succeed.
One can remember to bring his shoes and control what they can control, and when dealing with obstacles, and your journey you can control the mindset that you have in order to be as successful and dominant as possible.

SERIOUSLY there is tons of useful land--- { Yourself, writing down thoughts, taking a project to completion, calling a loved 1 and/or saying " Love ya," or a simple " How are you," getting rid of horrible and hindering relationships, refining your car, palace, loose papers, checking your account balance}---
Like I said, there is an enormous amount of useful land to be accessed~ getting new shoes so your ankles, knees and back are aligned properly. Let me stop. The point is; walk on this valuable land of opportunities, creativity and effectiveness and be well. One Circle is about wellness, quality of life and elevation, while being yourself and genuine. BE WELL

p.s check some of the articles out below. This blog and the ones below and to come is a foundation to the variety of angles we are coming with in a passionate, serious and laid back style.

In my next few post i'm dropping my "Artist of All Time," I feel many will agree. PEACE

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  1. I am looking forward to that "Artist of all tome post"