Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Why The F%@k it seem like when you trying to do the noble things in life, everything wants to drain your energy. I recently started working a job, something I hadn't really done in years and its like this ish wasn't made for me. Like I'm falling into a trap door. I make money but hardly have time for myself. Then I look around at my colleagues and I don't see anyone with the same goals and aspirations as me , so I'm Even more discouraged. I have even more doubts in my mind as to whether or not the advisable road is the way to go. Don' get me wrong if you don't work you don't eat, one must work like a slave to eat like a king. Just sometimes I put int the first part of the equation but I don't see the results...
Feel me for a moment. Sometimes I look up and I'm like W. T. F? why do it seem like everything I do ultimately is a sacrifice. and for what? Bread? Status? Security? i be like damn homie. everything is designed to rob me of my freedom, which is one of my core values in life. Jobs be wanting a man to be other than his own self. You gotta play the part of square; and I'm a G. SO certain stuff really don't fly with me. So let me ask you, you ever feel like MF's was trying take your freedom, whether it be a job, a wiz, a man, whatever? How do you maintain your identity keep your ego intact? Sometimes I Just say WTF?!

Comedian Arnesto @ 1st Sundays Comedy @ Kris-Tee's from Dana Lewis on Vimeo.


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