Saturday, December 25, 2010


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I was sitting here meditating on what will be the perfect blog for this site and it users, and it struck me. The light went off in my head and a voice said “god, create something useful.”
So here we are at the edge of what was a great revolution, all things considered, and the brink of a new Gregorian year. Two thousand and ten years have been marked on the Christian calendar (and some 78 trillion years in actual existence), we as Supreme beings have made much progress on this third rock from the Sun, but some of us are still a little behind on the times. Therefore I take it as my duty to bring everyone up to speed in this age of information, and make sure you’re hip to the things you need to be hip to “ya dig?!” (Juelz Santana voice). For the sake of suspension because we all know how one loves countdowns, here’s another one to add a wrinkle to your frontal lobe. 5 Things We All Need To Use In 2011:
#5 Social media: I can imagine what you must be thinking right now “what does this guy think we’re stupid?! Of course we’re on facebook, twitter, etc.” But this little helping hand I’m giving you is not to insult your intelligence but to reassure that you are on point. I’m sure that almost everyone you know is on facebook and a fraction are trying to figure out how to get followers on twitter (@originalkingJ) but I mean really use it to your advantage e.g. when I meet a lady in the club I get the number ‘yatayatayata’ when we speak I casually ask her name on fb, that way I can see who she really is.
#4 YouTube: great source for all types of information and entertainment from local rap beefs hashed out via web cam to how to build a business online. Virtually anything you need to learn is taught on YouTube.
#3 iPod: Usually I’m not one to promote product lines that I don’t have a marketing contract with, but I must show respect to Apple with the iPod touch. I call it my iPDA. Very useful life saver whenever you do not want to be bothered step into the world of music with this device; long lines, lame churches, awkward family, the iPod saves.
#2 Smartphone’s: look readers, technology haven’t taken any backward steps when it comes to the mobile device. Learn your phone; many of them have the capabilities of the last three must uses.
#1 (drumroll please..) Intelligence: its 2011, this is the age of information. Intelligence is the ability to process information. If there is nothing else on this countdown that you use, make use of this, it is vital. I am starting a new movement on my blog ( called iRead. Until next time, Stay in tune, Peace.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Nutritional food for THOUGHT!!!

Mr. Talib Kweli displays a beautiful plunge into the depths of Hmmm???? A Stimulating and Strong Angle of one's Truth.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

R-E-S-P-E-C-T / Find- out- what- it meaaans to me

Respect Respect Respect has been on mind lately. I listen to everybody and respect, trust and love are all ciphers that we talk about often; and we all have different definitions of each. REAL QUICK! WHICH ONE IS THE MOST CRITICAL TO THE OPERATION OF PROGRESS AND FUNCTIONALITY? Respect, trust or love?(remember)Like in morals class there is no wrong answer here, pure BUILDING and adding on. I argue that respect is the knee cap of the leg. Respect allows different ciphers with opposing views to live in unision or attempt at it at least. Respect keeps civility. Without respect how would we treat people we don't love or trust? If im dealing with 85 to 99 percent of people in my daily actions that i have not had a chance to know well enough to trust and love, what holds that function of life together to add on? I argue again that it is RESPECT. In society and in the home, though many are dis-respectful (which to each person is defined differently) we have done a decent job as people of drilling in respect in a direct and indirect way.

In my 3rd (my mind) i remember one of my brothers saying a line like, " Respect is to Acknowledge, and we do the knowledge...when you knowledge someone or acknowledge a cipher then you are showing respect and respect is very important." We can philosphise all day, and i will continue, but i see clearly from my embracement of respect that i can apply, have applied and should continue daily to respect life and people around me even more, which will naturally bring myself more respect, maintian current harmony and add on in a proper manner. I see clearly keeping my word to myself is respect, and acting daily to live up to my standards for who?SELF and respecting self first off will bring good fruit.

I picked up two bright gems while discussing, reflecting and researching respect.
#1. "Respect is to acknowledge" adding from that gem i see respect as observing before judging and paying attention and/or showing someone that you know and understand how the positive result occured.( e.g a basketball player who just scored, pointing his finger at the passer to show respect because he acknowleges that his teammate made a good and unselfish play)

#2!!! MAKE SURE OTIS REDDING GETS HIS RESPECT WHEN YOU THINK OF THAT huge 1967 hit song R-E-S-P-E-C-T sung by the great Aretha Franklin. Now that song will be remembered for years by me (and i'm even bopping my head listening to it while i write the rest of this), but CAN OTIS REDDING GET HIS RESPECT man... The Original man sang the original song in 1965.

I understand in 1965 nobody might have really been trying to hear the black man talk about can he get some respect when he comes home....shooooot they are still not trying to hear that and with Aretha Franklins voice and Atlantic Records's connections it took off.
An excerpt from wikipedia on this topic; ~ "Her version is often considered as one of the best songs of the R&B era, earning her two Grammy Awards in 1968 for "Best Rhythm & Blues Recording" and "Best Rhythm & Blues Solo Vocal Performance, Female", and was inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998. In 2002, the Library of Congress honored Franklin's version by adding it to the National Recording Registry. It is number five on Rolling Stone's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time" ~

Being an original man i understand people not recognizing the foundation of greatness. Plus i just have a deep appreciation for originality and authenticity. It is the spark of evolution and greatness!! Check out the foundation to that great song.
An excerpt from wikipedia ~ " Otis Redding wrote and recorded "Respect" as a blues tune in the studio while finishing his third album, Otis Blue. The album became widely successful, even outside of his largely R&B and blues fanbase. When released in the summer of 1965, the song reached the top five on Billboard's Black Singles Chart, and crossed over to pop radio's white audience, peaking at number thirty-five there. At the time, the song became Redding's second largest crossover hit (after "I've Been Loving You Too Long") and paved the way to future presence at American radio."
listen and enjoy.. Peace fam

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pull Up!!! (Jamaican DJ voice)

HHHhhHHMMMMMMmmmmm...(long sigh) What I Just witnessed was the evidence of a brilliant mind. Perfectly spectacular. All you have to do is type the letter 'k' in the google search and this artist name will pop up within the first ten options. Mr. West. Damn G. My hat goes off to you. All my Intellects, if you are like me and a lil late on the pop culture scene, open a new tab and pullup Kanye West movie.
I don't know where to start with this review. I mean I have no critiques for this artist, only compliments. I hate to sound like a fan, but this man is all gas right now... never before have I seen something more spectacular in my generation. Talkin bout a true artist. Kanye, two thumbs up, 10gs, a round of applause and standing ovation..! Okay so the god Supreme (@ISupreme10gs) kept tellin Me(@originalkingJ) to watch this new Kanye. So I finally got around to it and I am personally in awe. First of all the cameras he must have used in the execution of this production were A1, super crispy the colors Just pop out, it immediately draws you in. Spectacular imagery, accented with the perfect harmony of album snippets throughout the film. Kanye showed out. No one can deny how creative this man is. It is obvious that he was a visual artist before a recording artist and even more obvious that he is an absolute perfectionist. Because what he produced was absolute perfection. I mean the man will truly live on forever for this one... Pop Icon. Straight up he a taste maker, in a couple years when everyone is trying to do what he flawlessly did on the first go round remember who was the originator. He came with the perfect recipe, shit was like watching an Olympic gold medalist execute the perfect splash! He had the perfect amount of everything in this mix: dialogue, suspense, sensuality, storyline, interpretive dance. Dude didnt miss a step. I feel like I Just went somewhere and was thoroughly entertained. I don't know what was on his mind when he drew this one up but it turned out flawless. Clap for'm. Bravo.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Righteous Selfishness: Kill Your Idols Part II

I think I'm Big Meech?! (sarcastic connotation) Larry Hoover?! hmmmh??? (critical thinking)...All right Intellects let me get the purpose to this here build. I have a charm on my necklace that is a Jade carving of Buddha. Most fools assume I'm Buddhist and the intelligent are inquisitive. So a woman today asked me about my charm and I gave her a brief history on the man best known as Buddha. "Buddha, whose name was actually Siddhartha, was a prince that had all the pleasantries life had to offer. Being that he was of royal blood his family kept him sheltered as means of keeping him safe. One day while Siddhartha was touring his kingdom he witnessed a man die, and suddenly his eyes were open to the fact that the life he was living was not actual reality. It was more of a fantasy. so Siddhartha took it upon himself to abandon the life of royalty and go on a journey, in search of the meaning of life. He studies under monks and ascetics (do the knowledge) in his search for the truth. Eventually he gets to the point of asceticism where he only eats one grain of rice a day and while he's on this he meditates under a Bodhi tree (hence the name Buddha) and realizes that all he was searching for was within. He finally discovered his own truth and recognized that he could carry this truth throughout all walks of life without being a noblemen or stoic. Siddhartha became his own guide and went down in history as Buddha."
I often think about the type of life that I want to live and the lifestyle I care to have as well as the way I want to go down in history. And I realize that there is no one that can show me how to be me. I have to value my point of view because it applies directly to me. People always have advice and it is wise to heed to advice, but when you contemplate your lifestyle which encompasses everything you do, no one can guide you along that road. There's no one to tell President Obama how to be the first Black president. There was no one to tell Siddhartha how to truly live a divine life in which he was free to enjoy his desires as well as his sanctity. Really who could show Demetrius Flenory how to be Big Meech. He had to look to himself to make the decision he made to be the man he is. Rappers talking bout they think they Big Meech...I think I'm King J, the Original, and can't no one show me how to be me...And You either. This little piece of advice was Free. Peace

Monday, August 16, 2010


I got a theory... About a year ago I made up mind that I was going to live my life a certain way regardless of whom or what. So when I made that decision I had to analyze my ways and actions and measure whether or not they were according to my determined idea. So what did I decide? I decided that I'm ballin. Since I made that choice I have really examined that concept of ballin. What does it mean? How do you know when you reach that point? Do you have to spend a certain amount of bread?.. And I have come to a conclusion. I analyzed Ballin from an etymological standpoint (etymology: for all my fellow Intellects, thats your word of the day; do the knowledge). So I broke down the term I came up with a statement or better yet an affirmation= B All In. B all in, thats the underlying significance to this concept. You have to b all in the things that you decide you like, or that spark your interest, or into the clothes that spell out style for you. Or being in the spots that you like, pushing the whips you like, eating the food you enjoy; whatever it is that turns you on, you have to be in it. So you can look at it like indulgence. Supreme always says "Work hard, Play hard". Thats what its about, earning the right to enjoy yourself. Creating the freedom to do that which interest you; When you go to the mall cop, when you go to the lot shop. If you're into knowledge b all in it, be a scholastic baller; if you're into macking chicks b all in... gold, clothes, homes, whatever! Whats stopping you? Now, Im not encouraging foolishness, but I am encouraging ballin. Shinery! Show up and show out. Perform. Live lavish loving life. Here some theme music. Peace

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Peace of Prose

I have a simple way of deciding whether or not something is artistic: If it puts me in a creative frame of mind then it gets my stamp... I say that, to say that I think Kayne West sparked me to finish this idea that had been floated in the black space of my mind. I thought of this concept for a piece of prose years ago and never born it into existence...until today. Like to hear it, here it go:

a chain or a whip
a chain or a whip
what am I to get
a chain or a whip?
If I'ma work hard, I'ma shine
Let these niggas know I'm on the grind.
So everybody know I'm on,
Wipe me down, I'm on time.
Showin up late
I'm Fly
Showin Out,
Damn right!
Showin off,
I'm Like..
I wonder what Stunna garage like
I wonder what Nicki Minaj like
I wonder..
When I see Tity Boi at the bank
in a new 745 on skates.
When I see Gucci wearing chains,
I wonder what it cost
Plus what it weigh?
A young lad pushin carts at Kroger
Looking at '3 Stacks'
pushin Rover
Can he understand
My angst?..
Cus I slaved
And I saved
And Ima spend my life on a chain
or a whip
Cus its all worth
while with a Gift

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is Kanye a Genius.??

 When I become my Momma Boyfriend Yall peep the symbolism in yeezy new chain. What you know about the Eye Of Horus. But Wait theres More. After Ye Invades Facebook he hit up Twitter. This is great promotion for Ye's new album. Ballsy move, the new Album was supposed to be titled Good A$$ Job but, it doesnt have a name now. Twitter came through with the Mic I like how Dude came with the Suit to the Headquarters.   promise me and Divine drew a picture of this same thing about 7 years ago before we even knew about Horus. The drawing made us do the knowledge.I guess great minds think alike. Peace. Supreme

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just Win!!!!

Certain people in this world have this funny little attribute about them that may seem abnormal to most. We don't like to be behind. "Three is not a winner and two nobody remembers". I refuse to lose. People that lose are losers; and people that win are champions. Here is a true champion of industry giving his insight on Success. To be successful you must be determined and persistent. Preparation makes the champion great. We build ourselves up for greatness. Enjoy champs...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Reflections down Memory Lane from the unique perspective of Wali Youngblood

I came across an episode of the Lance Shabazz show on youtbue. Lance Shabazz is a muslim brother, who strongly builds, on the teachings of the Honerable Elijah Muhhamed, plus other ideas that he chooses through his show.

Being open minded, I took interest in the show and felt that his guest, Wali Youngblood or better known as Wali Muhammad was also an intriguing character. This Asiatic Blackman knows himself and is extremely magnetic. The O.G. is smooth, knowledgable, wise, and a wealth of knowledge and understanding. Also he has some unique views, has been apart of contreversy with magnetic and influential individuals as well as being respected by the same type of people. In this video, he speaks about Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, the Father a.k.a Clarence 13x, Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali.

O yea a little more knowledge before you check out the video. Wali Muhhamed was the trainer for Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson and also perormed security for the NOI. Enjoy his insight.
Also a little treat before the beginning of the interview airs, Muhammad Ali drops a lil knowledge for you too. He defenitely had a way or words, just like those hands of his.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Thank God for being Fly

Happiness is truly achieved when one is grateful for all this world has to offer. Today is the day that I was born into this physical shell, and on born days its only right to examine your past, present, and future. I was fortunate to have my born day fall on a day when the earths water was distilling in my atmosphere. Whenever it rains I get reflective, I become introspective because I examine myself inside and out and chart the progress that I have been fortunate enough to make. Today it was easy to take a close look at myself because I reached a milestone in my present history or Koran, and it was raining, which makes me introspective. So I was sitting here on my born day contemplating life and my role in it and I realized that I was gazing at my sneakers. All of a sudden a light went off in my head and I recognized how fortunate I was to be the one that I am. First of all I was rocking a pair of cold Adidas high tops, that are burnt orange; with the perfect denims to match (Taverniti So Jeans) and my usual premium cotton Tee. And I was overcome with a feeling of appreciation at how I developed my lifestyle the way I want it to be. Now to the naked eye it may seem vain to base one's appreciation off a cold pair of Adidas, but if you look a little deeper you will see that the appreciation wasn't for the sneaks. It was for the owner of the sneaks having a mind to grind well enough to have the things I want. I remember birthdays where I didn't have much, and I really didn't have nothing I wanted now to have this one where I do it makes my feel great. It's clear evidence that you get what you work for. So I'm grateful...
I'm grateful for the fact that I have the mind to be able to put all things in perspective. I'm grateful for the sun drawing the water up into the earth's rotation in a fine mist that can hardly be detected and that mist distilling back on our planet in the form of water on my born day so I can have the privilege of focusing on myself and my progress. I am grateful for the fact that I have people around that want to share my time on my born day even when I plan on being by myself. I'm grateful for the fact that every single time I look down at my outfit I'm fly as I wanna be. I'm grateful for the custom made triple gold bracelet that ordains my wrist. I'm grateful for the vintage Versace glasses that frame my face. I am very grateful therefore I'm very happy. Peace
P.S. Happy Born Day to Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Professor Jones!

Jim Jones teaching Part 2. Teaching the babies. Letting them share in real knowledge and wisdom of the industry that seems to be the most attractive to our youth. He gotta lot of game and he's helping the babies get an understanding of show business. Check it out... P.S. and to think, it's not even court ordered civil service. Clap for 'em!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kill Your Idols....

"Wisdom cries out in all places." That is a quote by a great man in the annals of history by the name of King Solomon...One day as I was on my usual smart shopping sprees, I came across this Blac label sweater with a very wise saying on it. Usually I don't get down with Blac Label because most of the messages on their clothing is bull to me; it's usually very fatalistic. So I recognize the power of the written word and I typically don't rock the Blac Label brand, but this one sweater in particular caught my eye because the message was so powerful. I t had the ring of truth. So naturally I am a thinking man so I had to contemplate this phrase "Kill Your Idols". Huh?! What is the meaning to this expression. Well, I think I got it. I means that there is no reason to idolize someone other than yourself. I love king Solomon, I know he was a very wise man, but do I idolize him? Emphatically No. What good would it do to me to worship another man or feel as if another individual is greater than me. Merriam-Webster defines an idol as an object of extreme devotion. What should I devote myself and energy to other than my own goals and determined ideas? what good wold it do for Kobe to sit around thinking Jordan was the greatest. Why would Mike Tyson spend time idolizing Ali? Why should Chris Brown concern himself with he great legacy of Micheal Jackson? There s a clear difference between respect and idolization.
So what's the point of this build? To let the world no that King J has no idols? No. The purpose is to encourage all to be the one. I don't care if you looking up to Superman or Samson. Embrace the fact that you are equipped with the same essential makeup that made them great You got to be the one worthy of the utmost respect. You gotta be the object of inspiration. You must be the role model that you can see yourself looking up to. Just a little piece of advice. Be yourself. Embrace yourself and don't be afraid to show the world your highest self. Look at your idols as your equals and you will no longer have idols. So feel Free to turn this all the way up and appreciate yourself. Peace

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A display of GREAT SHOW BIZNESS by R&b Giants, R.KELLY & USHER

This Song, "Same Girl" by the King of R&b R.Kelly with Usher featuring from the beginning was a phenomenal concept. After taking a look at the video again, i must say the concept comes to life even more, with two giants, in the game, demonstrating a polish-ness and saviness, that is un-matched, still in today's R&b game. Plus since moving to Atlanta, this video, is even more enjoyable to watch. If you enjoy quality video directing and plot, this video hits the mark. Yes it's not a new video, but the video bring entertainment, a story- line, and has a even better ending. Check it out again.

R. Kelly Featuring Usher " Same Girl"

Monday, June 28, 2010

Each 1 Teach 1

My hat goes off to Jim Jones letting the youth absorb some of his knowledge and wisdom on the music industry. In showbiz there is always more than meets the eye. Alot goes into something that may look easy, like videos and flows, so kudos to Jimmy for giving up a piece of the game. The man is truly giving out gems. I was taught that when you see a man doing an honorable deed, crown him don't down him. So I tip my crown to the Harlem artist.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Culture is........

Opportunity to gain a variety of experience is what life is about. Sometimes I analyze myself and my life as well as others and realize that we are not always as cultured as we can or should be. Me myself, I consider myself to be a Renaissance man, well versed in the various splendors of life, but I too have yet to experience aspects of life that others my age have. So times like this when I am privileged with the opportunity to further contemplate my lot in life, I am honored to be able to make an objective evaluation of self. Having done so I like to challenge myself to do things out of the ordinary if you will, shake things up a bit.... you know, experience life to it's fullest, on all four angles of the square. What sparked this thought and consequentially this post was something that happened to me earlier today. I was at the bank making a sizable deposit and there was jazz music playing on the speakers. There wasn't any words to the music just a saxophone covering of a tune that I recognized. And there were two female bank managers talking to me and I asked them if they knew what song was playing. They were both in their mid to late 30's (by the way I'm 24) and both seemed to be stumped. I simply smiled and and said "Prince...Yal to young to know about that"... I started to sing a bit of the chorus but decided that would be overkill plus I was in too much of a hurry to entertain. But it made me realized how much wisdom is to be gained in life. I make it a point to explore anything that interest me, besides that is in fact the science of everything in life. Because I recognize that being a young Blackman that with intense hiphop demeanor I wouldn't be expected to know the Prince track. But I'm a cultured male. I dive into classics; classic literature; classic music; art, what have you. I'm into it all. But there is still so much to know, so much to experience and so much to enjoy. I don't yet know what it's like to have a sexcapade, sipping Sangria on the beach in Spain, I have yet to see what its like to buy ten bails of equality in Mexico speaking their language, but I have Rosetta Stone. So what I am saying is I'm learning. And growing. And I will encourage anyone else to do the same. Live life how you want to live it, explore every angle of the square. That is what matters...experience. There is no reason to be limited in your experience. Why restrict yourself. the way I live my life is Free. You should do the same. Now I'm on my way to see a play by the late, great August Wilson called Jitney. Peace

P.S. here is that Prince song... I'm sure alot of yall too young to know about that

Sunday, June 20, 2010


My nigga Young Jack Thriller clownin....LMAO...PLUS HE GOT Kat Stacks math on blast in case you wana smash!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pimpinnn Pimpin!

Now I'm not one to promote or down another individual or one's lifestyle. But I must take my hat off to a true player, Pimipin Ken. The man needs no intro because the game speaks for himself, but the man knows what he's doing. The game is to be sold not to be told... P.S. If you wana purchase the book just look in the Amazon link below. Stay tuned for the live 10G$ interview with the one and only Pimpin Ken. Peace null

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lil Waynes Light up Verse..

Dude said " behind bars but the bars dont stop/ Recording over the phone I hope the call don't drop.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What do you think about this.

Me and King J always talk about Lil B and how hard he grinds. At first i thought the video was hilarious but, Lil B says some real things in the Response Video. Now that your done Laughing, checck this out..

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Something I thought our male viewers and freaky girls would enjoy

FELLAS: don't be sweating these chicks. LADIES: Come with something mentaly and personality wise. You are not the baddest woman dude ever saw and your looks don't qualify you to get wifed. Just a note from Supreme. I got love for all of you, keep it 10gs.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Be Great!!!!!

Ambition is a personal mission.  As of now it is impossible to measure the speed of a thought, and today as I was riding down the highways of Kentucky, the thought came to mind to send out a message of inspiration to the ones in my cipher.  that message was "Be Great"...Why? because the thought of success is constantly in my mind, and I Just wanted to spread the seed of greatness, let my people know that mind detects mind.  If I could, I would make all my people successful. But it is simply not possible, that's not the way the will works.  Only you govern your will, and there is a distinct difference between want and will.  I was on my way home to Louisville, Ky and I remembered that the last time I considered coming home that I wanted to stay at the Seelbach Hotel. But I came home on a whim and made no plans to stay there so even though I have the money to stay at the Seelbach in my pocket, I will not stay there because I had no plans to do so.  Though I want everyone I know to be great, it is up to them to decide what they will be..... P.S. Home is truly where the heart is...I love the Ville (Louisville) so much as I was on the highway and saw a sign that said I was 39 miles away from the city and a Great feeling cam over me! So I greet the city with a blog and a smile.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Beware of the Beijing!.. This weeks installment comes from a page in my present history or Koran. It all began with an innocent shape up... So I'm on my way to work one day last week and I noticed before I left the house that I wasn't looking so professional, I was scruffy (what we would call in the 90's a "ruffneck") and I stopped in on a local barbershop to get lined up before work real quick; and being that I was in a hurry I hopped in the first available seat and this is when the BS began. To make a long story short, we got through with the shape up, the lady sat me back up in the chair and I felt an abnormal part of the process was taking place. I pushed her hand away from my head and this "brill" had a black pencil in her hand trying draw the god up! Shawty tried to paint on a reinforced/ synthetic. Wait scratch that, I don't know what the f@&k she call herself doing... Beijing! She tried to jing (pronounced 'sching') me! Brill broke a cardinal rule: don't ever do something to a king's face without my knowledge or consent. Plus Ima natty dread i.e. I dread even hitn the barbershop let alone the fact that she tried to alter my crown. I do not care how popular the sh%t get... "Don't. Jing. Me!"
So I say all that to say this, PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT there is a clown ass epidemic going around in our local neighborhood barbershopS. It is called Beijing, and it is not what's happening. Do not drink the koolaid; dont fall a victim to this heinous form of fuckry. Matter fact 10Gs is having a viral contest: if see a clown with this Beijing on; and here are the signs- dudes hair will be extra black like Akon, facial hair will be thin and black appearing as if it was painted on (because it is), ladies you see a brill in your day to day life with extra black eyebrows, she supports the jing... we gotta cut this nonsense off at the root... So if you see someone who these symptoms you have absolute permission to slap the jing off their face. I repeat SLAP THE BEIJING OFF THEIR FACE. Have one of your partners video phone it, give it a cold title like 'hero saves sucker from jing attack' , or 'Beijing smack- it hurts me more than it hurts you', whatever title you give it, submit it to the blog and the best one receives a reward. Seriously people, this epidemic is ruining our community, it takes you to put it to an end. Peace

P.S. And if you have no idea what the Beijing is take a look at exhibit A on the upper left hand corner of this post. His hair says it all... WTF?!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alot of lessons have been taught this way.

Some people are saying this teacher wasn't in the wrong. Others are saying they would have have whipped the teacher if they did their child like that. Elders in my family have told me stories about getting physical punishment @ school. History repeats itself watch this science teacher put hands to this little boy..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Motivational Clip Of the Week

My hats off...........

More Power to them.

Think about this.........
What makes THEM better than YOU????

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Save Our Babies.........

A picture says a thousand words and this says too much...WTF?!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why start 2 miles back in a 3 mile race?

The world is huge yall. There are a plethora of options, ideas, chances, and avenues to take. It's a shame to limit oneself through the trapping vessels of a narrow mind, unhealthy selfishness, impatience and laziness to name a few. Often i shake my head internally at the limiting and closed minded thoughts and words i hear out of people's mouths. If someone called me right now and said, "wassup," I would say "the Sun, Moon, and Stars," or "elevation," just to say something different than wassup right back. Something original.

What's really on my mind is all of this useful land that is available to us and how not to deal with land that serves us no purpose, otherwise known as non- useful land. I gave a few options above pertaining non- useful land, e.g.; laziness to name one, but what really takes the cake in this category is a limited mind and/or self image. One is done from the jump. It's like showing up to hoop for a big game with out your shoes, or being deaf and trying to win a sprint when hearing the gun go off is essential. Now remember i'm talking about eliminating limiting thoughts so, sure you can succeed in both of these situations, but to keep it 100, you are starting off with a disadvantage. PERIOD. That's how i see a narrow or closed mind when attempting to succeed.
One can remember to bring his shoes and control what they can control, and when dealing with obstacles, and your journey you can control the mindset that you have in order to be as successful and dominant as possible.

SERIOUSLY there is tons of useful land--- { Yourself, writing down thoughts, taking a project to completion, calling a loved 1 and/or saying " Love ya," or a simple " How are you," getting rid of horrible and hindering relationships, refining your car, palace, loose papers, checking your account balance}---
Like I said, there is an enormous amount of useful land to be accessed~ getting new shoes so your ankles, knees and back are aligned properly. Let me stop. The point is; walk on this valuable land of opportunities, creativity and effectiveness and be well. One Circle is about wellness, quality of life and elevation, while being yourself and genuine. BE WELL

p.s check some of the articles out below. This blog and the ones below and to come is a foundation to the variety of angles we are coming with in a passionate, serious and laid back style.

In my next few post i'm dropping my "Artist of All Time," I feel many will agree. PEACE

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Why The F%@k it seem like when you trying to do the noble things in life, everything wants to drain your energy. I recently started working a job, something I hadn't really done in years and its like this ish wasn't made for me. Like I'm falling into a trap door. I make money but hardly have time for myself. Then I look around at my colleagues and I don't see anyone with the same goals and aspirations as me , so I'm Even more discouraged. I have even more doubts in my mind as to whether or not the advisable road is the way to go. Don' get me wrong if you don't work you don't eat, one must work like a slave to eat like a king. Just sometimes I put int the first part of the equation but I don't see the results...
Feel me for a moment. Sometimes I look up and I'm like W. T. F? why do it seem like everything I do ultimately is a sacrifice. and for what? Bread? Status? Security? i be like damn homie. everything is designed to rob me of my freedom, which is one of my core values in life. Jobs be wanting a man to be other than his own self. You gotta play the part of square; and I'm a G. SO certain stuff really don't fly with me. So let me ask you, you ever feel like MF's was trying take your freedom, whether it be a job, a wiz, a man, whatever? How do you maintain your identity keep your ego intact? Sometimes I Just say WTF?!

Comedian Arnesto @ 1st Sundays Comedy @ Kris-Tee's from Dana Lewis on Vimeo.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

You Hold the Key

The culture is I God... I walked out of my front door, removed my equipment in my truck from last night's grind, and got ready to grab my keys and go. Right on schedule to arrive at the Hindu Temple of Atlanta to the yoga workshop I volunteered for last week. But when I went to grab my keys they weren't where I last set them down (the same place I keep them everyday right by the door). Oh yeah! My mother came in town early this morning and used the truck to go to some sunrise Easter service and and obviously she came back with the truck but didn't put the keys back where she got them. So naturally, I searched high and low for the keys to no avail. So now I have a decision to make sit up home and wait for nothing to happen or get proactive like an original man should. So instead of losing time searching I decided to walk to where the misplacer of the keys was, which is approximately 2 miles from my home. Just so you get a feel for the scenario, it is 9:40 Am I am dressed to go to a yoga workshop at a temple and I have no key to the vehicle that's to get me there; the keys are about two miles from my house and I need to be at the temple by 10:40. should I walk? should I run? should I call a cab? Aha! I have a bicycle in the garage (thank God for remembering the bike). So I go to the garage to dust off the bike that I have been telling myself that I am going to use for the past two summers and of course there is no air in the tires. This is where my journey begins...
So I'm wearing a salmon colored premium cotton v neck, True Religion brand jeans and crocodile skin Alife moccasins(wallabees). And I am walking a bicycle down a very popular southside Atlanta street thinking this how this experience was soon to become a blog. Most wise people will tell you that a walk is one of the most therapeutic things in earth. So I'm walking my bike and and trying not to stain the v neck with sweat and as I am walking my mind is swimming with many thoughts on how I should digest this situation. Because I already had in mind that I was going to blog today since my family got together for their Christian holiday and my good excuse to eat good; and the topic of that blog was to be 'every body's gotta eat'. So I;m strolling and thinking of how I can funeral this series of unfortunate events into that topic. See I walked past one of the most elaborate estates that I have ever laid eyes on which is owned by a world class boxer that will remain unnamed. thinking to myself with all those amenities and luxuries what would he do in this situation? would he be out here walking? how many backup vehicles does he have to ensure that things like this never happen? And a light bulb went off and I realized that in life when you plan your destination you must also chart your course; otherwise you may arrive by obscure means. So that was today's epiphany number one. Next I recognize the modern man's reliance on things that are not so reliable. I had to mentally teleport myself to a time when the bicycle was first created and it was even more of a luxury than the automobile. I would have loved to be rolling instead of walking; within that little revelation I recognized that one must create and sustain the lifestyle they choose. I choose to be a person that doesn't have to walk. That world class boxing champion has had to do much more walking and running than I may ever do in my lifetime but he doesn't walk unless he chooses. So today's epiphany number two is to live freely; freedom is the ability to choose and without options one cannot choose. I choose freedom, and I choose luxury. Now I must chart out every step of the way so I don't arrive at that life of luxury going something I abhor instead get there on my own terms that's true success... So i get the air in the tire and now I have to pedal on a 1 1/2 stretch of local highway. Now how I appeared to the universe around me , I don't know, but I imagine that I must have looked rather religious riding a bike to church on easter sunday! (smh) anyways I 'm cruising and the ride is going smooth I 'am coasting down hill, nit breaking a sweat and my locks were blowing in the wind until...the chain breaks! So I coast it out as far as I can and come to another realization in life, there ain't no easy road. That's today's epiphany number three, there are always obstacles. As soon as I am beginning to feel the reality of being an original man and a modern day hood dweller (riding bikes is what we did in my hood), I get another sign to let me know that I was still on this journey. and one moment the road can be smooth the next second who knows what may happen? So I reassemble the chain pedal it on out to the church come in and my mother is Happy to see me thinking I willfully went to the church on some Easter type math, and I'm Just like "where the keys to the truck?" she like "how you get here?"... "THE KEYS ARE IN THE TRUCK!" "I meant to tell you before I left that the keys were in the ignition" That first sentence alone was enough for me to create a new txt talk acronym: AYS ( Are You Serious)!
So what? The keys were at the house the whole time. Was my journey in vain? Was it useless time? Well, one thing I learned was that when you set your goals not only should you focus on the destination, also focus on the journey (that's #4 :) All is Well I got a ride back home started the car and headed to the temple and all the while I never got upset. My cousin brung me home and I told her "had I not been a yogi, I would be very upset." I left the house and arrived at the workshop around 10:50 removed my moccasins and walked into the temple. Namaste

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hhhhmmmmmmmmmm (long sigh breathing heavy out of my nose)... WTF?! Sometimes I experience and witness so much f@#kery that I don't know where to begin but this week it is easy. Today's WTF moment is brought to you courtesy of these blunt h@*s in the club. There is a nightclub that I work at that will remain unnamed but I have met two totally unrelated females that have hit me with the same foolish question. So foolish is the question posed that I am writing this blog at 3:28 AM immediately after arriving from this club. What The F%#k is the question you ask, this question was posed soon after having interaction with two separate females on two separate occasion. In the middle of conversation these females found it necessary to ask the question " You Just trying to F%#K me, ain't you?!"...
How is one to respond. Dear reader think to yourself how would you reply the such an awry quandary? What is a man supposed to do?.. Well forget about what a man is to do and lets focus on what a lady is supposed to do, and that is DON'T ASK A DUMB ASS QUESTION LIKE THAT? I mean seduction is an art form ,there's a sequence and a pattern :). Allow me to perform my art. Of course I want to smash since you asked but what happened to the fine art of foreplay; and I don't mean going down on someone, I mean the down court dribble that leads to the score. Is that no longer a significant part of the play? I mean it's like someone trying to skip to the climax before the plot has thickened? I cant help but to wonder who raised these chicks..."You Just trying to [smash] me, ain't you?!" WTF..
I tell you, I tell you, no finesse, no style, no grace. If you didn't have the potential of getting the Smash then we wouldn't be having this conversation, perhaps we would be speaking but we wouldn't be having THIS conversation. But due to this 'lady' shrewdness the whole interaction is spoiled. My appetite is ruined. Only thing I can say is WTF?!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Wednesday is the day that I have chose to open up all my vents, I'm letting people have it on Wednesday's.I'm going in! All the ish that erks my nerves (my mother's old saying) I have put aside Wednesday to air it out.

Today in particular I want to kick off this series by posing the question Why the F#%k?! WTF can't I tell the difference between these ladies and these hoes?! Andre 300 said "styles will change/ they say change/ is dangerous"... he was on to something. As I walk this Earth searching every square inch of fruitful land I'm greeted by much folly. The styles of these females that I"m meeting; and I do call you females because it's actual fact that I don't know how to title you (i.e girls, ladies, women, bit$#hes, hoes). I meet a female and I don't know WTF I'm dealing with. I go to to the night club and I see more naked ass than in the strip club. Some the females I encounter are so adorable that a man would want to draw them up with his charm, but from the face down they look like hoes. Maybe I'm an old soul or maybe I'm Just the creative type that enjoy using my own imagination... but nothing is let up to the imagination. there are no layers to peel back, no prize to be earned. Everything is laid out there in the open at knowledge (1st impression), nothing is left to fantasize about. Call me a Renaissance man but I rather enjoy the courtship process, but this process is a noble one and not be bestowed amongst the lower class individual. So Why The F#%k am I tripping? What The F#%k should I care?! WTF is the point of this blog... Well I guess the point of it all is standards. We gotta have standards. It's a clear line between sexy and slutty. So maybe it's me, maybe I need to change my standards, maybe I shouldn't be so hard on the ladies. But I don't see many ladies anymore...WTF

Sunday, March 14, 2010


One circle productions.

The name alone says so much to me. One circle encompasses so many things. When I was a real young G I paid attention to the hustlers. I always wanted to know what it is that allows them to generate bundles of cash without breaking their back or hurting anyone. In my lifetime I have watched and imitated plenty. After a while I realized something. It's all about the circle,(cipher) or network of hustlers. You must make it circulate if you want it to multiply and it must circulate through the right network in order to be beneficial. This is true whether your product is legal or illegal. One circle productions is a multimedia productions company grounded on this very principle. The foundation for my vision came from seeing things my parents didn't want me to see and doing things my parents didn't want me to do. Many people that I care for have lost their lives or the oppurtunity to live their lives because they didn't have a vision. So I also learned you must have a vision in order to be successfull.

At some point I said to myself " I'm going figure out a way to outhustle these cats and stay free" Thats when the vision started forming. I knew I could take the best part from the immediate gratification route and apply it to my long term plans.

The best hustlers I saw made sure everyone that they cared for in their circumference was good. If he was getting money so was his brother, his bestfriend etc. See a smart man does as much as he can yet knows he can only do so much. Your power is limitless once your reach extends beyond the limits of your physical body.

One circle productions is about making sure your power extends beyond your physical body. One circle productions is about making sure your cipher is tight. One circle productions is about the absence of limitation. One circle productions is about long term paper. One circle productions is about building something our children can eat off. One circle productions is about not being dependent on these Just OVER BROKES. One circle productions is about determing your own outcomes and having a network of Generals that win when you win. One circle production is about combining education with entertainment. ( let me stop before I write a book on what ONE CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS/ 10gs is about) We plan to touch the world in so many ways and we will.

I would tell you how but instead We gone show you. The picture says it all in regards to the vision.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life Aint Nothin to Fool with...

I love music. And sometimes the perfect lyric dances in the stages of my thoughts... Today it was a line from legendary southern rapper Scarface. " was a homie that I went to school with/ TELLIN ME LIFE WASNT ISH TO FOOL WITH!". Why this Lyric you say? Let me invite you into my world a lil bit. this is what happened: my alarm went off at 7 o'clock this morning and I rolled out of bed at 8:30 arriving at work ant 9:04 (4 minutes late) I'm going to spare you the minor details but what transpired landed me back at my home at 9:35. I got sent home from work for being 4 mins late! (mind you I work on 100% commission and Saturday is the best day to sell cars). But what I realized is that in life you have to deal with so many obtuse angles and obnoxious personalities that it makes detachment necessary. Was it necessary for my manager to make an example out of me by sending me home?! who knows? the choice was his, but it is up to me to accept the responsibilities for my negligence.
So what.... So I can't always throw my middle fingers up and say forget it. I see part of growing up is dealing with the growing pains. Including the MILLIONS of pains in the neck that I must encounter while traveling on this road less traveled.I will be a millionaire some day so the chances are I have to be more and more carefree as time goes on. I'm just learning how I have to play it on my quest for success. And I refuse to play the fool. Peace

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Peace 2 tha Gs....(lightz his ^)..first blog ever.....Yea.. tha FIRST ...firsts never really were tha type of thing 2 throw me off my game, in fact they ignite somethin in me. yea, a fire that wont b extinguished untill that new situation is conquered. u kno? that oppurtunity 2 blend that instinct & a boxer stepping n tha ring with an unknown opponent, he is not only challenging his opponent but also himself 2 game of wit, technique & improvisation ( ...howeva u spell it,.. i jus love 2 b able 2 do that, and even when the situation is no longer new it still bringz excitement 2 b able 2 apply what u have acquired from previous or similar situations. With that said itz tha 1st, and u kno we move chronologically so itz more 2 come...10 Gs Stay Aware

Sunday, March 7, 2010

~Creativity~ Mine forever!!

As I sat on a park bench of a major international city my mind was focused on creativity. What seems to be lost, in a majority, is fundamental and essential to a fulfilled life. Without it we become stagnant, mentally stiff and robotic, while having the potential to lose the pizazz or enthusiasm for life. Therefore I WILL as the creator of my destiny to never lose my creativity.
As i experience more and my
responsibilities increase i have learned to slow down {When not rushing one can accomplish more, or i can at least with better quality}. One benefit of traveling at a different pace is the creativity that i have noticed around me. Graffiti {not promoting public property vandalism} , different style cars and hair, advertisements, a city's landscape, and youthful expression were all in my view. Remember i was sitting in a city park. By far the ladder, youthful expression, was the most eye catching.

~Again I WILL to always keep my creativity~

In Vienna, Austria as in other big cities a lot of the adolescents are into bright colored sneakers. I know some might not chose to wear the shoes these youth do, but remember to each its own and we're dealing with expression here.

Expression is the mouth of creativity and especially today shoes have become a major statement and tool for articulation of this. This is an area that the MJ shoe collection continues to dominate in. As i'm sure people buy "Js"/ Jordans because of who he is, I am also sure we and I also buy Jordans because of the creativity and expression of the line. I have to admit when i see a toddler or a 40 year old man in some "Js" the thought, " Yo, he's fly over there!" continues to come to mind. These kicks in the photo above period! I think are fresh, fly, hard, ill, nutso~ as some used to say in Detroit back in day, Lutha or as my New York city friend explained to me a while back, "wavy" ( a term i don't use, but just getting the point across to my readers). I think creativity is written, more than litteraly all over them. CHECK THEM OUT AGAIN!!!

While this post is not about shoes, i feel that shoes can be walking art and is a great example of keeping a "Fresh" mind and heart. So why not have some fly kicks to walk in. Plus, after our minds and brains, our foundational reference point for our bodies are our feet.
Peace and ALWAYS keep your ~~~ Creativity~~~.

Monday, February 22, 2010

One Circle Family

Peace to the human family of the planet earth. The Circle is here. Rome Supreme ~ Glo-Ryte ~ Just God aka. King J~ Divine S. Nelson ~ Sun Born~ The SkySkrapers ( RomeSupreme & Glo-Ryte). Shot outs and Peace to Phil a.ka. P90, E.J. and the rest of the Gs. LET'S GET IT


Life is all about SUCCESS. If you're not a SUCCESS you're a failure. Make a choice...
I find it funny that all my thoughts are dominated by the idea and reality of success. It makes me wonder what my thought process will be like when I am excessively successful. But some things don't exist in excess. My conversations are all about elevation self improvement and getting more money. It's funny how I feel anything less than extrordinary is not normal. Get up Get out and get everything. Peace ~Posted by Just God follow @ ~