Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Wednesday is the day that I have chose to open up all my vents, I'm letting people have it on Wednesday's.I'm going in! All the ish that erks my nerves (my mother's old saying) I have put aside Wednesday to air it out.

Today in particular I want to kick off this series by posing the question Why the F#%k?! WTF can't I tell the difference between these ladies and these hoes?! Andre 300 said "styles will change/ they say change/ is dangerous"... he was on to something. As I walk this Earth searching every square inch of fruitful land I'm greeted by much folly. The styles of these females that I"m meeting; and I do call you females because it's actual fact that I don't know how to title you (i.e girls, ladies, women, bit$#hes, hoes). I meet a female and I don't know WTF I'm dealing with. I go to to the night club and I see more naked ass than in the strip club. Some the females I encounter are so adorable that a man would want to draw them up with his charm, but from the face down they look like hoes. Maybe I'm an old soul or maybe I'm Just the creative type that enjoy using my own imagination... but nothing is let up to the imagination. there are no layers to peel back, no prize to be earned. Everything is laid out there in the open at knowledge (1st impression), nothing is left to fantasize about. Call me a Renaissance man but I rather enjoy the courtship process, but this process is a noble one and not be bestowed amongst the lower class individual. So Why The F#%k am I tripping? What The F#%k should I care?! WTF is the point of this blog... Well I guess the point of it all is standards. We gotta have standards. It's a clear line between sexy and slutty. So maybe it's me, maybe I need to change my standards, maybe I shouldn't be so hard on the ladies. But I don't see many ladies anymore...WTF

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