Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Peace 2 tha Gs....(lightz his ^)..first blog ever.....Yea.. tha FIRST ...firsts never really were tha type of thing 2 throw me off my game, in fact they ignite somethin in me. yea, a fire that wont b extinguished untill that new situation is conquered. u kno? that oppurtunity 2 blend that instinct & a boxer stepping n tha ring with an unknown opponent, he is not only challenging his opponent but also himself 2 game of wit, technique & improvisation ( ...howeva u spell it,.. i jus love 2 b able 2 do that, and even when the situation is no longer new it still bringz excitement 2 b able 2 apply what u have acquired from previous or similar situations. With that said itz tha 1st, and u kno we move chronologically so itz more 2 come...10 Gs Stay Aware

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