Sunday, March 14, 2010


One circle productions.

The name alone says so much to me. One circle encompasses so many things. When I was a real young G I paid attention to the hustlers. I always wanted to know what it is that allows them to generate bundles of cash without breaking their back or hurting anyone. In my lifetime I have watched and imitated plenty. After a while I realized something. It's all about the circle,(cipher) or network of hustlers. You must make it circulate if you want it to multiply and it must circulate through the right network in order to be beneficial. This is true whether your product is legal or illegal. One circle productions is a multimedia productions company grounded on this very principle. The foundation for my vision came from seeing things my parents didn't want me to see and doing things my parents didn't want me to do. Many people that I care for have lost their lives or the oppurtunity to live their lives because they didn't have a vision. So I also learned you must have a vision in order to be successfull.

At some point I said to myself " I'm going figure out a way to outhustle these cats and stay free" Thats when the vision started forming. I knew I could take the best part from the immediate gratification route and apply it to my long term plans.

The best hustlers I saw made sure everyone that they cared for in their circumference was good. If he was getting money so was his brother, his bestfriend etc. See a smart man does as much as he can yet knows he can only do so much. Your power is limitless once your reach extends beyond the limits of your physical body.

One circle productions is about making sure your power extends beyond your physical body. One circle productions is about making sure your cipher is tight. One circle productions is about the absence of limitation. One circle productions is about long term paper. One circle productions is about building something our children can eat off. One circle productions is about not being dependent on these Just OVER BROKES. One circle productions is about determing your own outcomes and having a network of Generals that win when you win. One circle production is about combining education with entertainment. ( let me stop before I write a book on what ONE CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS/ 10gs is about) We plan to touch the world in so many ways and we will.

I would tell you how but instead We gone show you. The picture says it all in regards to the vision.


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