Sunday, March 7, 2010

~Creativity~ Mine forever!!

As I sat on a park bench of a major international city my mind was focused on creativity. What seems to be lost, in a majority, is fundamental and essential to a fulfilled life. Without it we become stagnant, mentally stiff and robotic, while having the potential to lose the pizazz or enthusiasm for life. Therefore I WILL as the creator of my destiny to never lose my creativity.
As i experience more and my
responsibilities increase i have learned to slow down {When not rushing one can accomplish more, or i can at least with better quality}. One benefit of traveling at a different pace is the creativity that i have noticed around me. Graffiti {not promoting public property vandalism} , different style cars and hair, advertisements, a city's landscape, and youthful expression were all in my view. Remember i was sitting in a city park. By far the ladder, youthful expression, was the most eye catching.

~Again I WILL to always keep my creativity~

In Vienna, Austria as in other big cities a lot of the adolescents are into bright colored sneakers. I know some might not chose to wear the shoes these youth do, but remember to each its own and we're dealing with expression here.

Expression is the mouth of creativity and especially today shoes have become a major statement and tool for articulation of this. This is an area that the MJ shoe collection continues to dominate in. As i'm sure people buy "Js"/ Jordans because of who he is, I am also sure we and I also buy Jordans because of the creativity and expression of the line. I have to admit when i see a toddler or a 40 year old man in some "Js" the thought, " Yo, he's fly over there!" continues to come to mind. These kicks in the photo above period! I think are fresh, fly, hard, ill, nutso~ as some used to say in Detroit back in day, Lutha or as my New York city friend explained to me a while back, "wavy" ( a term i don't use, but just getting the point across to my readers). I think creativity is written, more than litteraly all over them. CHECK THEM OUT AGAIN!!!

While this post is not about shoes, i feel that shoes can be walking art and is a great example of keeping a "Fresh" mind and heart. So why not have some fly kicks to walk in. Plus, after our minds and brains, our foundational reference point for our bodies are our feet.
Peace and ALWAYS keep your ~~~ Creativity~~~.

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