Wednesday, November 17, 2010

R-E-S-P-E-C-T / Find- out- what- it meaaans to me

Respect Respect Respect has been on mind lately. I listen to everybody and respect, trust and love are all ciphers that we talk about often; and we all have different definitions of each. REAL QUICK! WHICH ONE IS THE MOST CRITICAL TO THE OPERATION OF PROGRESS AND FUNCTIONALITY? Respect, trust or love?(remember)Like in morals class there is no wrong answer here, pure BUILDING and adding on. I argue that respect is the knee cap of the leg. Respect allows different ciphers with opposing views to live in unision or attempt at it at least. Respect keeps civility. Without respect how would we treat people we don't love or trust? If im dealing with 85 to 99 percent of people in my daily actions that i have not had a chance to know well enough to trust and love, what holds that function of life together to add on? I argue again that it is RESPECT. In society and in the home, though many are dis-respectful (which to each person is defined differently) we have done a decent job as people of drilling in respect in a direct and indirect way.

In my 3rd (my mind) i remember one of my brothers saying a line like, " Respect is to Acknowledge, and we do the knowledge...when you knowledge someone or acknowledge a cipher then you are showing respect and respect is very important." We can philosphise all day, and i will continue, but i see clearly from my embracement of respect that i can apply, have applied and should continue daily to respect life and people around me even more, which will naturally bring myself more respect, maintian current harmony and add on in a proper manner. I see clearly keeping my word to myself is respect, and acting daily to live up to my standards for who?SELF and respecting self first off will bring good fruit.

I picked up two bright gems while discussing, reflecting and researching respect.
#1. "Respect is to acknowledge" adding from that gem i see respect as observing before judging and paying attention and/or showing someone that you know and understand how the positive result occured.( e.g a basketball player who just scored, pointing his finger at the passer to show respect because he acknowleges that his teammate made a good and unselfish play)

#2!!! MAKE SURE OTIS REDDING GETS HIS RESPECT WHEN YOU THINK OF THAT huge 1967 hit song R-E-S-P-E-C-T sung by the great Aretha Franklin. Now that song will be remembered for years by me (and i'm even bopping my head listening to it while i write the rest of this), but CAN OTIS REDDING GET HIS RESPECT man... The Original man sang the original song in 1965.

I understand in 1965 nobody might have really been trying to hear the black man talk about can he get some respect when he comes home....shooooot they are still not trying to hear that and with Aretha Franklins voice and Atlantic Records's connections it took off.
An excerpt from wikipedia on this topic; ~ "Her version is often considered as one of the best songs of the R&B era, earning her two Grammy Awards in 1968 for "Best Rhythm & Blues Recording" and "Best Rhythm & Blues Solo Vocal Performance, Female", and was inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998. In 2002, the Library of Congress honored Franklin's version by adding it to the National Recording Registry. It is number five on Rolling Stone's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time" ~

Being an original man i understand people not recognizing the foundation of greatness. Plus i just have a deep appreciation for originality and authenticity. It is the spark of evolution and greatness!! Check out the foundation to that great song.
An excerpt from wikipedia ~ " Otis Redding wrote and recorded "Respect" as a blues tune in the studio while finishing his third album, Otis Blue. The album became widely successful, even outside of his largely R&B and blues fanbase. When released in the summer of 1965, the song reached the top five on Billboard's Black Singles Chart, and crossed over to pop radio's white audience, peaking at number thirty-five there. At the time, the song became Redding's second largest crossover hit (after "I've Been Loving You Too Long") and paved the way to future presence at American radio."
listen and enjoy.. Peace fam