Sunday, May 30, 2010

Be Great!!!!!

Ambition is a personal mission.  As of now it is impossible to measure the speed of a thought, and today as I was riding down the highways of Kentucky, the thought came to mind to send out a message of inspiration to the ones in my cipher.  that message was "Be Great"...Why? because the thought of success is constantly in my mind, and I Just wanted to spread the seed of greatness, let my people know that mind detects mind.  If I could, I would make all my people successful. But it is simply not possible, that's not the way the will works.  Only you govern your will, and there is a distinct difference between want and will.  I was on my way home to Louisville, Ky and I remembered that the last time I considered coming home that I wanted to stay at the Seelbach Hotel. But I came home on a whim and made no plans to stay there so even though I have the money to stay at the Seelbach in my pocket, I will not stay there because I had no plans to do so.  Though I want everyone I know to be great, it is up to them to decide what they will be..... P.S. Home is truly where the heart is...I love the Ville (Louisville) so much as I was on the highway and saw a sign that said I was 39 miles away from the city and a Great feeling cam over me! So I greet the city with a blog and a smile.

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