Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pull Up!!! (Jamaican DJ voice)

HHHhhHHMMMMMMmmmmm...(long sigh) What I Just witnessed was the evidence of a brilliant mind. Perfectly spectacular. All you have to do is type the letter 'k' in the google search and this artist name will pop up within the first ten options. Mr. West. Damn G. My hat goes off to you. All my Intellects, if you are like me and a lil late on the pop culture scene, open a new tab and pullup Kanye West movie.
I don't know where to start with this review. I mean I have no critiques for this artist, only compliments. I hate to sound like a fan, but this man is all gas right now... never before have I seen something more spectacular in my generation. Talkin bout a true artist. Kanye, two thumbs up, 10gs, a round of applause and standing ovation..! Okay so the god Supreme (@ISupreme10gs) kept tellin Me(@originalkingJ) to watch this new Kanye. So I finally got around to it and I am personally in awe. First of all the cameras he must have used in the execution of this production were A1, super crispy the colors Just pop out, it immediately draws you in. Spectacular imagery, accented with the perfect harmony of album snippets throughout the film. Kanye showed out. No one can deny how creative this man is. It is obvious that he was a visual artist before a recording artist and even more obvious that he is an absolute perfectionist. Because what he produced was absolute perfection. I mean the man will truly live on forever for this one... Pop Icon. Straight up he a taste maker, in a couple years when everyone is trying to do what he flawlessly did on the first go round remember who was the originator. He came with the perfect recipe, shit was like watching an Olympic gold medalist execute the perfect dive..no splash! He had the perfect amount of everything in this mix: dialogue, suspense, sensuality, storyline, interpretive dance. Dude didnt miss a step. I feel like I Just went somewhere and was thoroughly entertained. I don't know what was on his mind when he drew this one up but it turned out flawless. Clap for'm. Bravo.

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