Sunday, August 8, 2010

Peace of Prose

I have a simple way of deciding whether or not something is artistic: If it puts me in a creative frame of mind then it gets my stamp... I say that, to say that I think Kayne West sparked me to finish this idea that had been floated in the black space of my mind. I thought of this concept for a piece of prose years ago and never born it into existence...until today. Like to hear it, here it go:

a chain or a whip
a chain or a whip
what am I to get
a chain or a whip?
If I'ma work hard, I'ma shine
Let these niggas know I'm on the grind.
So everybody know I'm on,
Wipe me down, I'm on time.
Showin up late
I'm Fly
Showin Out,
Damn right!
Showin off,
I'm Like..
I wonder what Stunna garage like
I wonder what Nicki Minaj like
I wonder..
When I see Tity Boi at the bank
in a new 745 on skates.
When I see Gucci wearing chains,
I wonder what it cost
Plus what it weigh?
A young lad pushin carts at Kroger
Looking at '3 Stacks'
pushin Rover
Can he understand
My angst?..
Cus I slaved
And I saved
And Ima spend my life on a chain
or a whip
Cus its all worth
while with a Gift

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