Sunday, March 20, 2011

It huts ME more than it hurts YOU: for REAL

Empathy- the action of understanding, being aware of, and being sensitive to, and vicariuosly experiencing the feelings, thougthts and experiences of another of the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner.

I know 'where the party at', I know 'where the bitches at', I know 'where the weed at'. But where is the pain? Where is the muthafuckin pain?! This goes out to all you rapping ass niggas. I do NOT feel you. And I do NOT need your inspiration, motivation, or celebration. What I need is to know that sometimes, just sometimes you muthafuckas feel like me. Sometimes you muthafuckas get down like me; for real. Let me know that you are real niggas; with real stress; real headaches; real heartaches. Real muthafuckin anxiety. When can I hear that? I love you niggas, man; you aint gotta flex on me...This ME, the same muthafucka that was born into this wilderness of north america, trying to make a stain on the earth like you. This me, the muthafucka that will kill for you. But you muthafuckas make me wanna kill YOU! I cannot believe that I am that much of an anomally. I cant believe that that you niggas dont hurt like me SOMEtime. Let me feel your heart, Please! Im telling YOU what WE need. We need medicine. we need therapy. we need music. MUSIC! That shit that make you muthafuckas want to rule the world! The shit that got you niggas through the storm. The only shit that can help a REAL NIGGA like ME get through. Where you niggas at?! HUH?! Fuck the next Lil Wayne, where the next DMX?! The next EMINEM?! The next muthafucka to grace to mic that aint to proud to be REAL. Where you niggas at that actually know this shit is HARD?! That know that life can get discouraging when you tryna get it; that know, and UNDERSTAND that we need YOU. We dont always need your muthafuckin glory. We dont always need your success story. WE do not always need your fuckin inspiration!
I cant think of one nigga out that speaks to ME. I'm bout to break my fuckin keyboard typing this shit because it breaks my heart. It breaks my muthafuckin heart knowing that aint nobody going to keep it real with me. Just sometime I need to know you real.
This fucking flesh that we are all encased in comes equipped with five sensations, i.e. FEELINGS. I don't feel you niggas and it breaks my heart. We know yal popping bottles and popping tags, "shittin on niggas"; but don't always shit on US. Don't always stunt on US. Remember US, the individuals that YOU used to be? Remember US, the muthafuckins that live off your words, remember US, the individuals that still admire YOU? Because we know somewhere in the midst of all the bravado, super id and champagne is still one of US. Still somebody that tryna be a bigger somebody. Still somebody that do't always get every little thing they desire, still somebody that's real.
We getting to the point where we cant believe you niggas. We getting to the point where we cant feel you niggas. We getting to the point where we need some reassurance that you are real. I know all you niggsas didnt grow up prince's, living in never never land and shit, where everything is sweet and you haven't a care in the world. I want to believe sometimes, just sometimes art imitates life. And I know that life is HARD. Hard as a mthafucka. And sometimes, just sometimes we need to escape. Escape into someone else's pain. Because I know its there. I sense it. I see it. I see it when you niggas go to rehab for drug abuse, when you niggas is on magazines talking bout committing suicide and MY niggas is telling ME that YOU niggas is crazy; and I'm like "nah, nah man. you cant imagine what them niggas be going thru". But i dont get the same in return. I don't get that same empathy when I'm out here trying to get it, seeing you niggas having it, and waving it in my face. So now I'm conflicted. Now I really want to hurt you niggas. I really want to rob you niggas. I really want to take your bitches and never give them back because you don't deserve them. Because you've never had to struggle for shit. Because life been real cushy for you. Because you don't seem to know what its like to be real. All you know is fantasy, party. bullshit. Where the real niggas at?
This a love letter, from the streets, letting you niggas know that even though you hurt us we still love you. So if you real, nigga show it. Otherwise, fuck you. Peace

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